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  • Julian is here!
  • Julian Long was born on June 24th at 1:50pm at Santa Lucia Hospital in Brasilia. He and Erin and doing well and both came home on Saturday the 26th. You can find pictures of little Julian here.

  • Back to DC
  • For those of you who haven't heard, we'll be headed back to DC this summer and will be staying there for a couple of years. We'll be leaving Brazil at the end of August and will spend a couple of weeks in LA before we settle in on the East Coast. Hopefully we'll find a home by then!

  • Improved Video Log
  • In addition to posting all new video clips, we've made some significant changes to our video page which should result in shorter download times and make it easier To watch the videos that we've posted. Check it out here. We'll try to post new videos a bit more freqently.

  • Erin's new venture

    Erin's planning to embark on a new and exciting business venture. It should start up in earnest once we've settled into DC. Ask her about it when you get a chance.

Digital Photo Album
You can check out our family photo album here.
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